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Hi i am newly diagnosed, having been complaining i have neck and back pain for years and being fobbed off, i started with very painful hips in the night, ( waking me up ) was sent for an x ray to be told i have mild osteoarthritis in hips and severe in lower back.

I am pretty sure i have it in my neck, hands feet and ankles, i have been struggling with work and life in general for a few years now, i am exhausted all the time, i am in pain somewhere constantly and i am struggling to keep up at work now, it seems to be the length of the shift more than the work? if that makes sense?

I am only 52 so have a long time yet until i can retire, i have only been given some exercises by my phsyio and amatriptalene and co-codamols from the doc, anything else i can try please and are there any benefits i can try for please?

Many Thanks



  • Hi@shanty71

    Thanks for your post to the Helpline. Sorry to hear about your new diagnosis of Osteoarthritis (OA). OA is a condition which responds to self-management so it's really helpful to be doing your back stretches and strengthening physiotherapy exercises each day as well as eating a balanced diet to keep your weight down.

    Getting into a supportive routine to support the parts of the body affected by stiffness and pain does take time. We've got lots of useful videos on our YouTube channel where fellow people with arthritis have been working with physios on keeping moving. And there's lots of information on our exercise links.

    I'm not sure what kind of work you do, but do you have a chance to alternate standing and sitting when you need to move, or take the weight off your feet? If you would like any help with weight loss, you may find a local diet group of support.

    I do realise that it can be hard to explore self-management if your pain is not well managed - so if that's a problem fellow Online Community folk will be able to share the options they've found helpful - such as going to a pain clinic.

    Osteoarthritis (OA) | Causes, symptoms, treatments (

    Exercising with arthritis | Top tips, specific exercises (

    If you'd like to explore benefits entitlements, we'd encourage you to contact a local Citizens Advice.

    I hope that helps.

    All the best Guy - Helpline Team