restarting methotrexate after covid booster

I had my covid booster on 29th April so have not taken my MTX for two weeks (my normal day is Wednesday). The first week was ok, felt very tired this Monday (but put that down to also having had a busy Sunday) but since then I'm struggling with energy/concentrating on things. My joints are grumbling and sometimes feel tingly and I feel that my dexterity in my fingers isn't as good.

I'm not looking forward to having to wait until Wednesday to restart my MTX so does anyone know if I can restart earlier?

I've not (yet) left a message with my rheumatology advice line as it's the weekend so they won't get the message until Monday anyway.



  • CarylW
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    Hello @JenHB

    I hope that someone with more direct experience than I have will be able to answer your query over re-starting Methotrexate after a Covid booster. I am posting this link from our website which may be of some help:

    Do keep in touch and let us know how you get on with this.

    Best wishes


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  • JenHB
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    Grr... that was frustrating! Phoned my GP this morning and was able to get an appointment for this afternoon. (As the message on the advice line suggests that it we don't feel we can wait up to 48hrs). Unfortunately the GP now needs to liaise with rheumatology before they can do anything as it's linked to the arthritis. He did mention they may be able to give a short course of bridging steroids. The only advice I got was to keep taking paracetamol and to restart my MTX on Wednesday.

    At least I know this for the future (and it may help others)

    I also know I am fortunate to be able to see the GP that quickly!