Climbing up steps

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Suddenly I can climb up stairs again.

I was going to the gym and all I could do was tone up on the leg press once a week, but at least it was better than shuffling around. I was rather hoping to do some cycling but I saw on the Nuffield gym notice board, in the wellbeing bracket, that climbing some stairs was a good idea.

About two weeks ago I fitted some air cushion work shoes and found I could walk further without pain and obtain a more sure footing.

So after months of using a lift I looked up those stairs and thought here we go. I planted my foot on the first step and up we went. I went from 90 reps in the gym on Friday, to 4 floors of stairs a day.

Reaching the top for the first time was that sort of mountain climber experience and has not particularly worn off yet.


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    Fantastic achievement Baloo - good on yer!

    Just goes to show what can be done with determination, application, training and of course the right mix of meds!

    You'll be on that bike sooner than you know, keep on going - yours is a story of inspiration