New to this forum-hip replacement on 3rd March 2023

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Hi I’m new on here…..I am 10 weeks post right hip replacement and I am still experiencing a a lot of pain and discomfort in my right buttock, ant the base of my buttock where it meets my leg and down the side of my right leg. Can anyone advise if this is normal and if so how long should I expect it to last.I have had a further x-ray and the implant is absolutely fine and securely in place. Look forward to any advice. Thanks Carmel x


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    Sorry you experiencing pain with the hip replacement @Carmie - are you still having physio? I would suggest you need to raise this with your medical team. Hopefully they will be able to reassure it's normal and exercises and time will help. They may also mention taking anti-inflammatory's to help ease the discomfort.

    Best wishes, Betty

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    I wonder whether any of our regular hip posters like @Lilymary , @RogerBill @Sheelee @Lindaa or @Coddfish to name but a few might be able to help.....?

    Sorry I can't @Carmie other than to say remember it was major surgery you had and that I hope you are doing your physio exercises.

    Take care

    Toni x

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    It varies with everyone, to be honest. The NHS (et al) try to give a "one size fits all" recovery model, but I was a long way outside of that!

    Nerve pain down the outside of the operated leg is common - mine still hurts when I poke it, so I just don't poke it(!) although it does make sleeping on that side uncomfortable. It's a slightly distant pain, as it's counter-intuitively accompanied by numbness. Post op my rump felt like a football at the end of a cup final for quite a while, a lot of fluffy pillows under my backside were involved wherever I sat, for a long time. It does go eventually. The connective tissues between your gluteal muscles and the new implant have been through major trauma, so again, it can take a while to settle. Do try to keep up your exercises as much as you can, it will help things snap back into place.

    It's ok to take pain relief while your body repairs itself - after over 12 months on heavy duty pain relief pre-op, and after a few weeks with the odd swig of oramorph at night post op, I found the odd paracetamol was fine on a day to day basis. I avoided sitting for long periods - that puts a lot of pressure on the bits that are trying to repair, and I found walking around was actually the least painful option so I did a lot of that.

    If you're really worried though, do refer back to your surgeon. I've had a few unusual post op complications that they're still working on 2 years later, which is a bit disappointing, but I wouldn't be doing ANY of the things I'm doing now without the surgery.

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    Hi @Carmie, yes as mentioned, recovery time is different for everyone. I had the same sort of thing post op for my right hip. Try to exercise as much as you can to build up the muscle in you glutes - that helped me. Time is a great healer. I'm sure things will settle down.