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Hi am 63 and just been diagnosed with osteoarthritis in literally every joint except my shoulders. I'm uncomfortable but not in too much pain. I'm loosing weight and trying to do the right exercises which I've got from this site. The worst is my ankles. I love walking and this has really upset me. My GP etc are just so busy and so very hard to get support and help.

Just want to know how you stay positive. I keep having really down moments and trying so hard to stay positive. How do you remain positive and carry on enjoying life without stressing and worrying about the progression.



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    Hi Julie

    its difficult when you are newly diagnosed and in pain. For me getting on top of the pain and discomfort was the key. That meant taking anti inflammatory medication with a PIP, and pain killers. I hate taking medication but it made a massive difference. I am now able to decide on a day by day basis whether I need to take anything or not. By getting on top of the discomfort I was able to move more easily, do my exercises and start to move better.

    I’ve recently bought some walking poles, will be trying them out at the weekend, am hoping they will enable me to walk for longer with better posture. Might be worth considering if you haven’t already.

    I try to focus on what I can do and to find something to be thankful for each day. I try not to force positivity, it’s taken time to come to terms with this change in my life just as I have retired. So when you feel down acknowledge it, and decide where to put your attention. Some people find mindfulness helps (I’m not one of those). I like routine- I exercise first thing in the morning, have breakfast, read the paper, do some gardening (getting outside makes a huge difference to me) and then I have a range of things that I like to do. I’ve started volunteering at a local school, go to an exercise class and then have a long list of projects to get me motivated. What things do you like to do?

    i made a list of things I want to achieve, gradually I hope to work through the list, maybe with a few tweaks!

    There’s lots of support available here.

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    I don't think I could put things any better than @KC1 has done but I would just emphasise the value of building a little fun into every day. It has been proven that the more we concentrate on pain the worse it seems. At one point I collected newspapèr articles and snippets from magazines thst made me laugh. On really bad days I'd sit and read them. And laugh. Laughing with others is even better. Phone a friend, not to share misery but to enjoy a few laughs together.

    There are times when we all have to think about the future and how we'll cope. But do it positìvely. Not 'I can't' but 'how can I?'. And don't look too far ahead. It might never happen.

    If at first you don't succeed, then skydiving definitely isn't for you.
    Steven Wright
  • Thank you so much for your replies and advice. It really helps to know your not alone and will try. I have some walking poles that I've never used so will give them a go. l have been so active and this has really thrown me but will give some of your ideas a go. I love creative thins but never had time so will put a plan in place to make some things! I haven't even started physio but I am doing the exercises online on this site and have an exercise bike which I use every morning for 20 mins. I hate taking tablets but as you say take them as you need to. Love the idea of collecting funny newspaper articles.

    Thanks again its much appreciated