When will we get live in home assistants 🤭😉 like this

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to help with house work… home nursing cooking gardening, heavy lifting of furniture and help us get around… like this… for as long as we need with no judgement or resentment however long we need them for… ☺️

And unlike Daleks… can carry you up stairs!

Like all tech, costs drop rapidly. Your smartphone phone bought in the last 7 years, is 10 times faster than NASA’s Cray Supercomputer used to design the thrust nozzles of the space shuttle in the 80s. And that computer cost $12 million each.


  • noddingtonpete
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    If only ... technology advances so fast though that it is only a case of time and raw materials

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    @Arthuritis how could you do this to me?

    I am absolutely terrified of them they are worse than daleks they can do stairs and get me!!!!

    Nope nope stop all this terrifying AI stuff😮😁


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    @frogmorton 😂🤣oh this is the military version, you know how it is, the war mongery has the money to do all the research first… and then the cute AI Robots come after… Remember that Channel 4 series Humans, starring Gemma Chan?

    But you know the ‘droid will have no arrogance, ego or be judgemental in anyway! ☺️

    Or Rachel the Android from Blade Runner…

    But if you don’t want it coming up the stairs just turn off the WiFi! 😂

  • frogmorton
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    The dangerous ones will invent their own wifi or have mobile (and I mean mobile!) data

    I just know they will.

    I'm going to talk my kids out of having kids......😮

  • Arthuritis
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    😂😂😂😅😅@frogmorton We’ll just have to make sure you are chairing the robo-droid ethics & niceness committee!!

    Watch Star Trek The Next Generation

    with Patrick Stewart the. Shakespearean actor playing the lead with a robotic character playing a future android … it will re-assure you fully! It’s the series after Kirk, like many children’s programs it’s well written for kids, but only the adults get the umm more mature jokes! Like Animal Farm. Which wasn’t about talking animals!

    ST showed how medicine should work, how the UN & politicians should behave etc… funny & serious at the same time !