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after having a hip replacement 2 weeks ago the plaster came off yesterday,no replacement plaster needed

as the incision area is lumpy and bumpy and still looks "open" but isn't ,is it too early to try using a lotion or cream on it?

would it be better to just let all the scabby bits drop of in their own time?

i dont want to aggrivate anything but i dont want it to tighten too much because its dry.

not bothered about hiding scars they'll be part of me whatever.

would a light body lotion do the job

bio oil was recommended by a nurse friend but has lavender in and it makes me sneeze.




  • stickywicket
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    I know several people who have used bio oil once their scar is fully healed over, but before? Personally, I'd be worried about introducing infection. I've never actually used anything on any of my prized collection of scars. They all fade in time anyway.

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    Hi @eileenb61

    You can use E45 cream in the jar quite liberally as you need to throughout the day once stitches are removed. I rely on it post surgery and recently worked wonders post cervical surgery. Bio oil is excellent when it's fully healed but wouldn't use it before

    Make sure you get the tub of E45 not the lotion and rub in well.

    Love n hugs

    Trish x