RA and vegan diet

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Has anyone with RA changed to a vegan diet and has their RA improved because of it?


  • Bettyboo22
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    Don't think there is any info about a vegan diet being of any improvement, but it's always best to listen to your body and trial cutting out certain foods and see if it helps your symptoms.

    Generally having a healthy diet is best Diet and nutritional supplements | Side-effects, uses (versusarthritis.org)


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    Hi @Catkins1971

    I am Vegan and do feel in general better as a result. I am trying at the moment to do the 30 different plants/veggies or pulses a week diet? For once it's adding something to your diet not taking it away!!

    I think I have read that such a diet increases the gut microbiome thus helping inflammation. Still I will try anything as long as it's not dangerous, stupidly expensive or unhealthy. I take a daily vegan multivitamin too.

    My own opinion is subjective of course, but if you give it a go I hope you will let us know how you get on.

    Take care

    Toni x