Hi guys. Wonder if anyone can answer my question. I did phone the verses arthritis helpline, but they couldn’t confirm. Do I need to stop taking my Methotrexate before I have my covid Vaccine?

I’ve only recently started mex, and don’t really want to to interrupt that. Thanks.


  • Hermione
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    There was a trial called VROOM which found good evidence that stopping MTX for 2 weeks after Covid vaccination would boost the vaccine’s effectiveness although there was a slight risk that patients could have a flare up of their inflammatory arthritis. There’s some basic info here:

    Or Google VROOM for the full findings. You could ask your rheumatology helpline too? The decision to pause MTX would be up to you - I’ve never seen a suggestion that anyone “must” pause it, but best to get advice from your hospital team as they will understand your specific situation.

  • Wenwoo
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    I would check it out with your rheumatologist I started Methotrexate in September and when I had the covid booster in December didn’t want me to stop taking it. When I had the seasonal booster in April I was told to stop it and the folic acid for 2 weeks………..Wendy x

  • stickywicket
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    I, too, would check. I've always taken a couple of weeks off my meth after my covid jabs but my RA is well-controlled and I've been on meth for over 20 years. If you read some posts on the Coronavirus Forum you'll see some, newly disgnosed or only recently started on DMARDS, have had bad flar,es after the jab. I think you need a proper medical opinion tailored to your personal needs.

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  • Woofy
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    Have contacted Rheumatology hopefully they will advise. Thank you all.

  • Mark_E
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    Feedback I was given from my rheumatology team was if it's well controlled take two weeks off Mtx but as mine is fairly new and far from under control I should take it as normal.

  • Woofy
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    Ah thank you Mark-E.

    yes I only started mine couple of weeks ago. I’ll be interested to see what rheumatology say.

  • Woofy
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    Hi folks. Got call back from hospital. Told to go ahead and have my covid booster, and no need to stop Methotrexate 😊

  • Woofy
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