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I'm Juli just joined I'm struggling with Osteoarthritis in both knees


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    Hello @Juli

    I am glad you have found this online community. We try to be supportive and helpful and I hope you find it useful.

    Osteoarthritis can be hard to cope with, especially the pain, and I am sure you will get messages from others going through it.

    I am posting some links to information on our website which are a good start:

    Do keep posting and let us know how you get on. We look forward to hearing from you.

    Best wishes


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    sorry to hear that you are struggling with having Osteoarthritis in both knees. I have it in one knee and that is bad enough. Have you seen your doctor regarding medication to help with the pain and also have you been referred to Physio for exercises? I have been prescribed Naproxen and Omeprazole ( to protect the stomach lining ). They seem to help dull the symptoms, also I was referred to Physio and given exercises specifically for me to do. All these things take time to actually help with symptoms and I hope that you will get some sort of relief soon. There are some lovely people on hear who can also help with advice and remember that you are not alone with this.

    Take care🙂

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    Welcome to the Community @Juli,

    There are a lot of fellow members on here also suffering with OA in both knees so if there's anything you're struggling with or seeking advice on do feel free to ask away.

    @CarylW has already provided two links to some very good information to digest, I found the section on pain management particularly helpful.

    All the best,