Numb, tingly left arm

Hi, I have had problems with weak arms for a number of years now and have problems carrying shopping and opening jars. I had to give up working as a self employed cleaner. This morning my left arm feels like I have hit my "funny bone". My left hand feels stiff and there's a numb, tingly ache from the inside of my elbow into the centre of the top of my hand. I have a dull ache in my elbow. I have had little contact with any Consultant for a couple of years (I have seen a nurse 6 months ago and was told I no longer had a Consultant, so asked for another appointment to see one.) I am not on any medication. I am due to have an appointment next month. I have been told I have Psoriatic Arthritis. I just wondered if this is a symptom?


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    Hello @HayleyO I've just seen your post. I have OA in my hands and recently my left hand (and arm to a lesser extent) started to go a bit numb and tingly like you describe. I got to see a doctor (1st time since Covid!) and she said it is mild carpel tunnel which you can sometimes get with arthritis. So you have an appointment already but I would certainly mention it - like me just to put your mind at rest.

    Good luck

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    Hi @HayleyO I had the same symptoms. My little finger and the one next to it kept going numb and tingly. Pain at elbow site and dull aching pain along the arm. I ended up having nerve conduction tests which showed my ulnar nerve is compressed at the elbow area. Hope this is of some help.