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Hi all

Yesterday I had a hospital appointment for a non psoriatic arthritis issue and the doctor I saw was puzzled as to why I was still wearing a mask even though he would have seen in my notes that I take methotrexate and adilmumab. I haven't been informed by rheumatology if there has been a change in guidance and wondering if anyone has been told to carry on wearing a mask or told they no longer need to wear one.



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    Hi @Hobble that's strange because I went recently to the hospital (non-arthritis) and docs (arthritis) and both times told to put on a mask. Seemed to be standard practice. I guess it varies as to which hospital etc.

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    That's what I'm finding confusing. The appointment I went to was an ENT appointment and I was the only one wearing a mask. There are mask dispensers and gel in the main corridors and some clinic waiting rooms even have the seats set apart. I think the hospital rule is do whatever you want 🙄 The rheumatology clinic is the only one that insists on masks as no doubt aware of the immune issues but other drs don't seem to be bothered even when they run through what medicines I take.🤷‍♀️

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    Hi @Hobble

    I don't know where you live but here in Scotland the Scottish Government issued a statement withdrawing compulsory mask wearing in health settings from 16th May 2023. Even prior to that I've found health professionals wearing face masks extremely patchy this year. When I attended my covid booster appointment in April none of the health staff were wearing masks - despite the spring booster being for over 75s and those with immune system issues. In the last two weeks I've had to attend hospital on 5 occasions as - believe it or not - first my wife and then myself had burst blood vessels internal to an eye. None of the health professionals in A&E or opthamology were wearing masks - which considering they are up close and personal to your face is crazy.

    Also as far as health professionals reading your notes in advance of seeing you - in my experience that does not happen. I saw an orthopaedics consultant last month for my hand issues and he casually mentioned my RA - I have PsA. As I'm now classed as having comorbidities - PsA and heart issues - I also keep a list of all the drugs I take, including their dosage and frequency, as a list on my phone which I show to the medic as soon as I'm seen.

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    Despite the removal of Mask mandates when I raised this with my Rheumatology Nurse she advised I should continue to mask and to ask those treating me to do so.My GP surgery has removed mask mandates but when I have my monthly blood tests the HCA masks without me asking.

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    Hi @JJJBBB

    welcome to the online community,so good to see you posting and enjoying talking to others,it is a bit confusing about masks and the wearing of them,as far as i know they are optional wether you wear them or not.

    Take and keep in touch and please continue to chat and ask questions.

    All the best Christine

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    My experience has been that Rheumatology doctors are continuing to wear masks as are those nurses/HCA’s taking bloods for Monitoring. Outside of the MSK dept doctors ask me if I would like them to wear a mask and I always say ‘yes please’. I was told to continue to wear a FP22 mask anytime that I am indoors apart from my own household. My daughter continues to wear a mask on the days that she is in the office (2 a week) and when she goes into a shop, in order to not catch infections that would put me at risk.