Both hips replaced within short space of time

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Hi was wondering has anyone had their hip replacements 4 weeks apart, I have date for first hip next Month and the second one 4 weeks later, I'm extremely nervous and anxious about it as I don't know how I'm going to be able to recover, as I don't have a good leg both hips are as bad as each other, I can't walk barely take a couple of steps with crutches and have myself worried sick as to how I'm going to cope, if anyone has any advice I'd really appreciate it



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    For what it's worth, i had both knees replaced within 5-6 weeks way back in 1981. They said from the outset they'd just wait for the first scar to heal over so as to avoid infection from the second op. Both knees were shot. They let me choose which i wanted doing first. I don't recall either recovery being harder. I have RA everywhere so could never use crutches. I used a zimmer at first, once home, then walked round the furniture. It all went well.

    My advice would be to do the exercises conscientiously, as advised, both before and after the op. Don't rush anything.

    Re hips - if you check out @RogerBill's posts, he has a very long, comprehensive one on his THR to which others have added. I found the recovery with my THRs much the same as with my TKRs.

    Will you have anyone at home to help?

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    Thanks @stickywicket any advice greatly appreciated, like yourself I got to choose which one gets done first which will be my left as it is so much more painful and like that are going to give me a few weeks in between as it would be too much getting them both done together, I do exercises as best I can and I know that this will help with my recovery, I have some help at home but my son works long hours and doesn't get to come home very often and as just my luck he's off on his holidays the week after my surgery but I have some friends that will help me out thankfully, I will certainly look at @RogerBill post for tips, thanks again for your help and advice @stickywicket


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    Lorraine, I had both hips replaced last year eleven weeks apart. Like you, both hips were equally bad and I couldn’t weightbear as both femoral heads had collapsed and I had to use a Zimmer frame.

    For those eleven weeks between surgeries, I could only do a little physio, but as soon as the second surgery was done everything became much easier. I had to use a Zimmer frame for a few days until I mastered the crutches, but physio became so much easier when I was able to stand ‘on my own two feet’.

    After a year of sometimes quite challenging physio (all provided by our wonderful NHS) to strengthen my wasted muscles, I can now walk, garden and do gentle yoga. Next week we are going away in our camper van for three weeks - last year I couldn’t even climb the one step into it!

    So with your surgeries being only four weeks apart I’m sure you’ll do really well. Good luck x

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    Thank you so much @pmas ,it's reassuring to know how others get on who have been in my position and hear how they got on , as you know yourself it's horrendous to be in this position unable to nothing when you're mobility has been taken away from you, I'm delighted to hear that 12 months later you are back to normal and enjoying life again, I know it's going to be tough road ahead for me but I'll get there, enjoy your holiday in camper van 😊 hope you have a fantastic time