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Hi, New to site.

I have osteoarthritis in my left ankle, had it diagnosed 10 years ago. Up to last year I was able to lead a normal ish life with it, however this last year has been a nightmare. I'm now on naproxen 500mg, changed my insoles, tried different diets, physio's, tens machine which does ease the pain allowing me to walk abit. Waiting on a steriod injection at the min.

Anybody got any other suggestions, this is mentally draining and hard to deal with. I have always been very active up to last year. Plus i'm only 43!


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    Hello @daveh1980

    Welcome to the online community

    You have had OA in your ankle for the last ten years and since last year you have had a nightmare of a time with it. You have been prescribed naproxen and are waiting for a steroid injection appointment. This is taking its toll on your mental as well as your physical wellbeing. Some of our members have similar ankle conditions and I hope they will share their experience with you meanwhile I attach some links which I hope you will find helpful.


    Arthritis can affect us at any age and the diagnosis is for some people a time for a reassessment of their life style and ambitions. It can often open doors to careers, hobbies and lifestyles that we would never before have considered. So we are glad you got in touch with us and hope that together we can help you move forward whilst you readjust to your condition.

    We look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Take care


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    Hi @daveh1980,

    Sorry to hear your condition has deteriorated and it sounds like you're at your wits end. Steroid injections may or may not work depending on how much cartilage you've left so something to bear in mind because it's not a particularly pleasant experience to go through if they'll have little or no effect.

    I expect you've pretty much tried most things out there but just in case, here's a few things to ponder:

    1: Running socks - I find a good pair offer support and compression in one, Witness sell good ones IMHO and the right socks will allow you to do whatever physio and exercise plan you've been prescribed.

    2: Lotions and potions - if you've got a lot of crunching and grinding then FlexiSeq gel could help, it aids lubrication I find. I also smear on Voltorol 12 hour gel and 5KIND Hemp gel, both take the edge off the pain and aren't too smelly unlike Depp Heat, Tiger Balm and many others.

    3: Managing flare-ups - I too use a TENS machine but when my body really begins an assault then I apply cold packs and bags of peas to the affected joints to ease swelling and reduce the heat/itchiness.

    4: Pain Killers - Naproxen's good for inflammation but I usually turn to Co-Codemol and CBD capsules for pain relief.

    Hope some of these might be useful to you.

    All the best,


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    I’ve OA in my right ankle. Physio advised me to wear ‘roller sole’ shoes. The soles of shoes shouldn’t be flat but curved. Various brands sell them but Hoka shoes seem to be one of the best regarded. Definitely helped discomfort and I notice it when I try to wear flat sole shoes.

    Might be worth a try.


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    Thanks Jon,

    A couple of bits on there I haven't tried which I will give a go.

    Much appreciated,


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    Thanks Moira,

    Was advised by my physio to wear high insoles on all shoes and sports trainers which I have found to help. I will look into the hoka trainers. I wore a pair of flat flipflops on saturday, which I am still recovering from it!

    Thanks for the advise


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    Thanks PoppyJane,

    A great way of looking on it:

    "It can often open doors to careers, hobbies and lifestyles", as all 3 have been massively affected this last year, and things I need to adjust to going forward.

    Thanks for the advise and links ,


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    Have you tried compression socks (seem to be more commonly called Plantar Fasciitis socks)? I find them a huge help. It's a bit expensive because it's hard to know which one to choose, I had to buy a few pairs before I found ones that weren't too loose or too tight. Also if I'm walking I wear a pair of trainers with high sides which really seems to help. I hope the steroid injection helps. I have had one and although it didn't take the pain away it did help a lot with the stiffness and just being able to move the ankle more easily was surprisingly beneficial.