Recently diagnosed with advanced hip osteoarthritis

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Hi, I have had moderate arthritis for some time, which I have been managing with regular exercise (yoga, tai chi and walking) and maintaining a healthy diet, but I recently started to get more stiffness and pain in one of my hips, so was sent for an x-ray. It turns out I now have advanced osteoarthritis in that hip and have been referred to a consultant for possible surgery. At the moment I’m still waiting for this appointment, but wanted to make contact with others who have similar experiences, as it was a shock to me that it had got to this stage. I was looking for a support group in my local community (West Midlands region) but there isn’t one near to me at the moment, so I joined the online community. No specific questions yet, but no doubt I will have some once I’ve had my appointment with the consultant.


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    Hi @Jane18 welcome to the online community.

    I see from your post that you have had a recent X-ray on your hip which has indicated advanced Osteoarthritis (OA). I am pleased to see you have been referred to a consultant possibly because you have already been doing what they would advise with your diet and exercise. I very much hope the appointment comes through quickly.

    In the meantime you wanted to look for some peer support. The online community is ideal for that. I would urge you to read this thread by @RogerBill (and lots of others):

    You tried to find a support group in your area (west midlands but nothing was near enough?

    I presume you used this tool? I wonder whether you would be able to join any of the online classes in the midlands though they are done via Zoom from home?

    Finally now that you've said hello please do have a look around the forum and join in wherever you feel comfortable. Living with Arthritis tends to be a very popular category.

    Best wishes


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    Hi @Jane18 welcome from me too.

    Sounds like you've done everything right up to now so hopefully you'll be able to have hip replacement done without the usual. Try physio and exercise first and lose weight, stop smoking etc etc.

    There are loads of people here who have had their hips done so you will not be without support Jane.

    Do let us know how you get on.

    Toni x