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I've just joined the community and saying Hello. I've got arthritis in my hips get good and bad days ,at the moment I'm just taking medication my doctor has just referred me to think about surgery but that will take ages I walk my dogs every day sometimes it's a struggle so I'm looking for more exercises to do

Thank you for letting me join


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    Hi @Dog_mum ,

    Welcome to the community 😊 and thanks for sharing here.

    Sorry to hear that it can be a struggle sometimes. There are some gentle exercises on the Versus Arthritis website, I've linked this below for you. The 'Living with arthritis' forum may be useful to go through and use too.

    Best wishes,

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    Hi @Dog_mum,

    @SharminB has provided a couple of very useful links, there's a lot of really good information on this website to read up on.

    Have you a local gym you can attend? I found they've some excellent equipment to help with exercise such as a static bike, treadmill, skiing machine, cross-trainer, weights and rowing machines. Of course there's always swimming which is another low-impact activity and some of them will do classes such as Pilates, Yoga and my favourite - "Spin". I'm up my local gym about 8-10 times a week and apart from keeping myself fit and healthy, I'm building strength in the muscles and tendons around my joints and the release of Endorphins is a natural pain-killer.