kidney issue is it leflunomide

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I've been taking leflunomide for over 2 years now and have recently been told by my doctors after my usual 3 months bloods tests that for the last 10 months my liver function has decreased from 90 to 55. Has anyone had problems with there Kidneys on DMARDs. doctors is seeking advice from rheumatology consultant but fears i may have to stop taking the meds. I'm worried as this is the third Dmard I've been on and the only one that worked.


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    Hello @lyns welcome to the online community

    You are concerned that you might have to change from Leflunomide after two years because your liver function readings have decreased. The Rheumatologist will give the best specialist advice to you and your GP and will suggest an alternative medication for you. I can appreciate that you do not want to adjust to another DMARD when you have settled with leflunomide but it is good news that your three monthly blood tests have picked up the concern.

    I attach a link to the whole range of DMARDS and hope that it will be informative

    I hope that from among our members you will receive a post about their experience of changing medication, meanwhile now you have joined us I hope you get a chance to look round the site and join in with the discussions and activities. We look forward to hearing from you again soon.

    Best wishes


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