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Hi all, feeling really low this morning. Everything feels like a battle at the moment - pain/anxiety etc. My GP made me feel like an addict this morning as I was asking for my Triptans early. I have Fibro but am about to see a specialist to see if I have Scoliosis and am trying to manage my pain with drugs/Pilates/meditation/CBT etc. I am struggling with walking as it sets me off so haven’t been out for a few months. I know part of my emotion is anger. Anyone else get to feel like this? Hoping for better days.


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    I am so sorry no-one saw your post @SunnyD 😕

    It sounded as though you were having an awful time I really hope it's a good bit better now.

    I think (and this is a problem for me) having to have contact with your GP is what made it worse. Is there a 'nicer' more approachable Dr you can ask for next time?

    Even if I speak to a nice on I feel upset before and after so I do understand. I don't think Drs undrestand just how stressful speaking to them can be for a lot of us. (see @bill1965 's post which I just replied to)

    I go for a walk every day ( sometimes just a short walk sometimes longer) and if I can't get out for 3 days I am in trouble my pain definitely gets worse.

    You sound as though you are trying really hard to help yourself with all you're doing, your Pilates and meditation and CBT. Be proud of yourself. ((()))

    I hope your test for scoliosis is soon


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    @frogmorton Thank you for your kind response. After hitting a low point a few weeks ago, my friend got me to the doctors - face to face makes all the difference. I now have another pathway for support and I was fortunate with the GP who saw me on my first visit and he has prioritised my care. Hallelujah! I am starting to gain a semblance of routine and my friend with Fibro says “surrender”. I am beginning to get it.