Natural alternatives to pain relief

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Hi , my name is John

I have lived with Arthritis for many years now both in my lower back and both knees .

my doctor just throws pills at me and hopes I will go away . One pill for pain and another to protect from that one and so on .

I am sure you have all been down this road before 🤷‍♂️

I just would like to hear people’s comments on natural pain remedies and how effective they are and what you can recommend that might improve my quality of life .

I would be grateful for any suggestions on things you may have tried

many thanks for listening to an old fart rambling on 🤪👍


  • jonr
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    Hi @Johnboy54,

    Another old fart here, also suffering with Arthritis in both knees!

    Since being diagnosed I've researched into loads of natural pain remedies and there's a section on the website here about pain management which includes some which is well worth reading up on IMHO.

    For me, I find these to be the most effective:

    1: Natural Anti-Inflammatories

    Turmeric, Bromelain capsules, and in terms of diet, I eat a lot of onions, garlic, eggs and oily fish

    2: Natural painkillers

    CBD oils, gummies and tablets, 5KIND Hemp Gel, Voltorol 12 hour gel, Red Tiger Balm, FlexiSeq gel, Capsaicin Cream

    3: Other

    Ice packs, a TENS machine, deep tissue massage gun, hinged and elasticated knee supports, Acupuncture

    I did find some things really didn't agree with me,Glucosamine and Cod Liver Oil were the 2 most noticeable - they made my legs hot and achy and I'd get sharp stabbing pains plus my tendons would "ping" without warning and a knee would give way so as I always say, it's a case of trial and error.



  • frogmorton
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    I would add my trusted microwavable wheatbag to that and some MSM gel which my husband massages in for me.

    I know exactly what you mean @Johnboy54 about pills you get from the Dr 🙄

    but sometimes they have to be taken too😕

    Take care