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I’m 55 and have OA in my right knee.

I am shocked at how quickly the pain has intensified. I can not walk far without being in a lot of pain. I have an allotment and I was there 20 mins and felt absolutely exhausted.

I used to enjoy walking our dog, now I’m hobbling around like a woman twice my age.


How do you all cope? It is making me feel so useless.


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    Hi @Blubegood

    welcome to the online community,glad you have found us.

    You write that you have Osteoarthritis in your right knee and are surprised at how the pain has become intensified.Also you cant stay long at the allotment or walk your dog for long periods.

    Firstly you are not useless you cant help having OA, i too have OA and felt like you when i was hobbling around,but i went to the GP and referred me to the Orthopaedic specialist who eventually gave me a new knee, but until then like you i have to manage my pain and on my good days do what i could.

    Here are a few links that may help

    Hope these links are good for you.Please keep in touch and tell us how you get on and do go to our forums all willing to chat and give advice on coping meccanisms.

    All the best Christine

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    Hi @Blubegood

    Like you I too have osteoarthritis in my right knee but we are definitely not useless! It can take a while for the diagnosis to sink in and can make you feel overwhelmed at times. Have you seen your doctor to sort out any pain medication? Plus you may be given a referral to physio for exercises specifically worked out for your symptoms. I am currently taking Naproxen and Omeprazole ( to protect the stomach ) which I tend to take most days and it does help to ease the pain/stiffness which in turn helps me to do my physio exercises. I think you will find that nearly all people will say that they get good days and bad days and it takes a while to make yourself slow down and pace yourself. If I have a busy day coming up, say a spot of gardening or shopping then I try and take things a bit easier the next day. I have also acquired a few items to make things a bit easier. I have a sock puller upper which helps with bending down and when out I now take a walking stick with me. I also have a long handled dustpan and brush which also stops me having to bend too much. These may seem little things but they do help. I hope that you manage to start feeling more positive and even if you only do a little gardening/walking it is better than nothing.

    Take care🙂

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    The worst pain seems to come if I have been sitting around for a while and I have to shuffle when I start walking. Long walks generate inflammation so I have to go 1mph and keep it short.

    Undeterred I went to the gym once a week, and re-purposed my exercise aims towards leg strength and easier repetitions that are less painful. On the leg press I can dial the weight down to about 40kg and do 40reps.

    I didn't know quite what to expect beyond finding something where I can get some movement.

    Since getting this level of exercise I can again climb four flights of stairs every day up to the tram station, and this week I climbed into one of those people carriers, the ones with the big high steps to get into, without needing any help. Getting out of a chair is still a nuisance, but has also eased somewhat, To me its an achievement and it is one I wasn't expecting.

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    I have an appointment with the Nurse Practitioner in a fortnight.

    Hopefully they can offer me some pain relief that works, or help in some other way.

    I have been doing gentle exercises. Three days out of the week I am on my feet at work for least three hours without a break to sit down for a few minutes.

    Im quite pleased today, managed to walk my dog for 20 minutes before it got to hot outside

    thanks for the replies above