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I have had rheumatoid arthritis for 30 years for which I am prescribed Methotrexate and Diclofenac. It has now been suggested that I stop the Diclofenac and take Hydroxychloroquine. I have read that this can cause tinnitus. As I already suffer from this I am wondering if taking this will aggravate it further. Does anyone have experience of this?

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    Hi @Cosmos

    Welcome to the online community,so glad you found us.

    You write that you have had Rhumatoid Arthritis for 30 years and prescribed Methotrexate and Diclofenic, it has now been suggested that stop Diclofenic and take Hydroxchloroquin.

    reading that it can cause Tinnitus which you also suffer from already you are wondering if the change in medication couls aggravate it further,does anyone experience this.

    Maybe you should ask your Rhumatologist or the nurse wether it would aggravate your tinnitis further.

    someone may know on the forum and is suffering like you so chat on the forum and see what turns up.

    All the best Christine

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    I've been on it for years with no tinnitus and I don't recall others mentioning it on here. But it's understandable that you would be anxious.

    Is your rheumatologist aware of your tinnitus? Hydroxy is considered to be a mild DMARD and probably has fewer dangerous side effects than your current diclofenac.

    I'd have a chat with my rheumatologiost. Maybe with your lòcal pharmacist as they're very good on such things.. I'd do that then suck it and see. Good luck.

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    Hello Chris, I take methotrexate and hydroxychloroquine and also have mild tinnitus and I’ve not noticed any difference tbh, been on it since September…….Wendy