14yrs ago I was under the rheumatology I never got a definite diagnosis of RA and was on sulfasalazine for about a year then the consultant told me it was unlikely RA and discharged me and stopped the meds. I have advanced osteoarthritis in my left knee. I take cocodomol. I cannot take NSAIDS as I am on blood thinners.In February of this year I developed pain and stiffness in my right knee this is completely new , my GP eventually referred me to physio who ordered x-rays which I waited weeks to get and further weeks for the results which shows mild osteoarthritis with phagocytes.no treatment offered I do exercises and walk when I can. Since then I have developed stiff and painful wrists and fingers also neck stiffness and pain in my shoulder and upper arm. I have never been examined by the Dr or the physio. I was referred to physio again and had a telephone appointment he ordered urgent bloods I have waited 6 weeks and due to have them on 5th june My Dr doesn't help me at all and I am becoming more and more disabled after been active all my life, independent and only retire Just over a year ago . I would appreciate advice as I think that my new symptoms are RA and my Dr is allowing my disease to progress due to his lack of action and interest.thankyou


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    Hello @Twinkie

    It must be so difficult for you to be feeling so disabled having been active all you life, and to feel abandoned by your doctor. But your blood test is on Monday and the results should come through quite quickly, although you may need to be proactive in getting the results from your doctor.

    I am linking to a couple of pieces of information which may be helpful, and I am sure you will get some response from people on this forum who have much more experience than I do.

    I hope you will keep posting and let us know how you get on.

    Best wishes


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  • Twinkie
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    Thankyou Very much.

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    @Twinkie I take it that you don't mean Osteophytes which would be way different problem to phagocytes.

    I have always tackled my arthritis in terms of what activity I want to accomplish, but its a long story. I still can't get in the bath or go cycling, but what I can do now is climb stairs and get into mini busses.

  • Twinkie
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    Haha yes 😅 how silly meant osteophytes! Typo! I hope you will eventually be able to ride your bike, in my case I am so frustrated because my Dr is unsympathetic I haven't had one face to face with him about this and feel I'm getting more and more disabled. Thank you for your help.