Too wise or too old??

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Have had osteoarthritis for years and a knee replacement. Recently started getting serious (A&E visits) painful flare ups which leave me with impaired movement for several days. I do a lot of gardening, my own housework and have an allotment. I tend to 'go for it' but now at 77 seem to be paying for it? Is there any particular cause for a flare up? Does food and drink make a difference.? We are told to keep active which I have always done. Is that my problem? I have never been so frustrated as when my right hand is absolutely out of action for days. The pain also stops me sleeping especially as I have hip and knee pain too. Any tips and advice would be appreciated. Thanks.


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    Welcome to the forum. 

    You’ve had OA for some time and have recently experienced flare-ups which can leave you incapacitated for days. You’d like to identify the cause of these flare-ups. The pain causes issues with sleeping. You’d like any tips as to how to better manage your symptoms. 

    Whilst you await feedback from forum members, if you haven’t already visited our website there’s lots of information that should be useful, for example: 


    I hope joining the forum provides you with some useful information to advice. 

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    Sadly, one is never too old, or too young for arthritis.

    I'm 77 too. I have both RA and OA and have had for years. It's absolutely true that keeping active is essential but, I guess, that means different things to different people. I've always found that my OA reacted to what I've done ie if I've done too much (by its standards not mine) it gives me a stern reminder not to do that again. On here, we're all used to payback. Sometimes it's worth it but if you're seizing up frequently, maybe you just have to slow down a bit. Sometimes with favourite activities, we can overuse some areas and underuse others. Have you had a look at the exercises on here? They will try to ensure you keep all your muscles strong and supporting the dodgy joints.

    Do you have some pain relief you can take at night? A good night's sleep does help. Personally I've never found any foods good or bad. And you might find it useful to keep a diary of activities and pain to see what makes things worse.

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    Thank you stickywicket. That's helpful and encouraging. I have had a look at the exercises and love the short sessions. I am doing the hand exercises several times a day, and will try to work some in more regularly. I used to go to Pilates class twice a week but that became so difficult with a knee and both wrists weak and getting up and down was not very elegant!. I consider I am so active I get lots of exercise but as you say they need to be specific strengthening exercises.

    I take paracetamol when I wake up with pain. I take tablets for an underactive thyroid and a blood disorder so am careful of taking anything else.

    I am feeling less grumpy today and the flare up is easing. I am trying to be very careful. The diary is a good idea. Thanks for your understanding. I will try harder but at a slower pace!

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    I think you're wise to be cautious about which meds you take, especially as we do tend to 'collect' medical problems as we get older. Do remember that pharmacists are an excellent source of info about potential drug interactions. Also, on occasions when I'm fairly confident that pain will wake me (though it's often the ageing bladder these days😉) I take the pain relief before going to bed to try to forestall it.

    You have reminded me of that old joke:

    "Did you wake up grumpy this morning?"

    "No. I left him to wake up by himself."

    If at first you don't succeed, then skydiving definitely isn't for you.
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