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Hi I'm new here I'm 50 Yr old female and I'm on the waiting list for 2 full hip replacements the R leg being g the worst, recently I've been experiencing a different kind of pain which is generating down my shine bone, my leg only way to describe it doesn't feel like my own, regardless on what I try and do I'm getting no relieve I also have a lot of lower back pain n pain now in my L shoulder medication is 30/500 cocodamol which is doing absolutely nothing regarding pain relieve I'm at my wits end I'm 50 and have been living like this in pain for over 5 years please any tips advice on anything I'd greatly appreciate Thank you


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    Hi @Evis1973 and welcome to the forum. 

    You are awaiting multiple hip operations, have pain in your shin bone, your lower back and shoulder. Your existing medication is not helping much. You’d welcome any tips from forum members.

    These links provide some useful information for you: 



    I hope that you receive some helpful feedback and that you don’t have to wait to much longer for you operation. 

    Best Wishes

    ChrisB (Moderator)

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    Hello @Evis1973 , I'm a 55 yr old female and have severe arthritis in both hip's, I'm due to have first hip replacement in a couple of weeks and second 4 weeks later, the pain you are describing I know only too well in fact like many other arthritis sufferers I can't even describe the different types of continuous relentless pain's, just when I think this can't possibly get any worse..bosh along comes a new different pain to add to the list, my best advice I can give you is Don't settle and be fobbed off by gp ect, I've had to fight so hard to be listened to and for people to take action to extent my mental health suffered greatly as I felt like nobody was listening to me, eventually and through sheer determination to get the help I needed to get to stage I am with a date for surgery, I don't know if you're gp is good but keep at them, if medication is not helping insist on trying something new ,it will get to the stage that I'm in now that no medication will help pain only hip replacements will help but I can honestly tell you only for I found the strength somehow to stand up for myself I would have got nowhere unfortunately with all the issues in nhs at the moment people are being left to suffer while they try to work through enormous bag log of people, just know you are not alone and sometimes coming on getting things off your chest and reading other people's stories can help

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    Hi, Pain down your leg/thigh from a hip is called ‘referred’ pain.Also it can be in the groin.

    I would have thought this might have been explained to you.

  • I have osteoarthritis in my knees am on medication for this am doing excercise to help

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    Good Afternoon @Mikeandgailno1 welcome to the Versus Arthritis Online Community.

    (Apologies @Evis1973 I just want to welcome Mikeandgailno1)

    I see from your post that you have osteoarthritis in your knees and are already doing exercises to help with the condition. I wonder whether they were suggested by a physiotherapist and how they compare to the ones here:

    I take it your medication is to help with pain. I am going to attach a link about managing pain here just in case there might be something you haven't already tried:

    Finally do please take a look around the rest of the forum and join in wherever you feel comfortable. Living with Arthritis tends to be one of our most popular categories.

    Best wishes


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    Thank you for all your advice yes I'm the same I'm stage 4 severe no catliage no either hips, unfortunately the doctors here are a waste of space regardless on phone calls appotments referrals that I made myself has went on deaf ears 👂I have been put on the waiting list fir the right leg to be done first and so far I've been waiting nearly 2 years and the waiting time here in Northern Ireland is anything up to 6 years, unless I went private which unfortunately I'm not in a position to do that as I'm sure a lot of people aren't with the inflation of everything being so heightened, 30/500 co coronal you'd think there would be some other medication other than co codamol, I'm very out spoken but also no how much NHS is on its knees specially here in Northern Ireland Childern or waiting to be seen cancer patients the list goes on the way I look apon it is there is far more people out there worse than me a lot worse my only wish is to have medication that WILL give me some form of comfort the rest I'm happy to wait like everyone else out there, I hope all goes well for you wishing you the best of luck 😀 x

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    Totally agree there is a lot of people left untreated or even misdiagnosed which in this day in age is a utter disgrace 🙄 Our NHS system is on its knees and the duty of care to people well that's also went out the window, even trying to have a face to face with your doctor is near on impossible, so many people are suffering some silently some not so much its like banging your head against a break wall take to paracetamol 4× a day like who can even be diagnosed over a phone call its pure madness really is it will come to the time where it will be private health care NHS will be scapped another way to get money of people makes me so angry 😠 😡

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    My doctor must be an angel. I phone and they reply in one or two days. I send photos too. They phone my daughter to make appts if they think I need a nurse or face to face. Maybe I am extremely lucky. Sadly they all seem to be little companies and very hit and miss regarding their commitment. x