Best neck cream for pain


I cannt use any cream with ibuprofen - have tried Tiger balm - any other ideas


  • Ellen
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    Hi @Saxophone,

    I've a few alternatives you can try which won't smell like Tiger Balm either

    1: 5KIND Hemp Cream, used by a lot of athletes to soothe muscular pain. Can be bought direct online or via Amazon. This will stain but I like it

    2: Voltorol 12 Hour Gel

    3: FlexiSeq - not a pain killer per se but can reduce crunching and grinding

    4: Capsaicin Cream - usually needs to be prescribed for the higher strength products but can be bought online from pharmacies and eBay. This one will stain as well.

    Hope one or more are helpful.


  • armartin1234

    I had pain in my knee but voltarol would only work for a few hours and then pain would return. I switched to using FLEX SEQ and have found that it does provide more permanent relief. dont know why but has helped me.


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    Hello @armartin1234

    Welcome to the online forum, and thank you for making a comment on the post about knee pain.

    If our community can help you in any way, do ask - we are a supportive and friendly group with a wealth of experience between us.

    Best wishes


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