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Further to my previous post ....I had bloods taken on Monday , surprisingly the result were on my nhs app late evening. The results were all very raised which suggests inflammation but my Dr put "patient informed No further action"! I phoned the surgery this morning and miraculously got a face to face with a locum this morning, l told him the history and mentioned that I had only had one face to face in February an annual arthritis review ( never had one before) which coincided with the new knee pain and since then nothing except knee x-ray and bloods Monday. He has requested hand x-rays, he said he couldn't refer me to rheumatology without first doing these. Although this is a step forward I am losing all confidence in my GP , it seems he doesn't want to help me


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    @Twinkie I just want to say well done for not ignoring those blood results and being assertive.

    Hopefully the X-rays will throw some light on what is happening for you.

    Best wishes


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    Thankyou for your reply , I will not stop until I get a Rheumatology consultant appointment, I have suffered since February and I am getting worse I need help with dressing cutting up food etc I have gone from a very active independent woman to this and feel my drs inaction has exacerbated this. Thanks again.

  • Twinkie
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