Newly Diagnosed with Psoriatic Arthritis

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Hi, just recently diagnosed with psa, after months of pain and taking steroids for PMR which it isn’t, I have now started Methotrexate 1 week ago. Feeling apprehensive but hoping this drug will stop the pain. Struggling at the moment as I’m coming off steroids as well. Just can’t wait to be more like myself again.

looking forward to being part of this group/community.


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    HI @Coka welcome to the online community.

    I am pleased to hear you have the correct diagnosis now if Psoriatic Arthritis (PsA) and should hopefully be on the correct treatment now.

    A lot of people fear Methotrexate (MTX) but many of our members take it and it has helped them considerably. Any problems do ask there is sure to be someone here who can share their tips.

    I am going to attach a couple of links which might be of interest to you. This first one is about Methotrexate and is not the usual 'leaflet' information:

    This one is about Psoriatic Arthritis and includes 5 people's individual experiences with the condition:

    I look forward to seeing more of your posts in future.

    Best wishes


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    A quick hello from me to@Coka nice to meet you.

    I can see you've already started supporting someone else which is lovely and what the forum is all about.

    Loads of is are on MTX so if you have any side effects run it by us. My best one is to take it before bed so you sleep off some of your side effects.

    Take care


  • frogmorton
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