Help please


I am new to this and not very good with technology!

I am French but spent most of my life in Scotland I have been in pain for 30 years and it's getting worse. I am a widow and used to be supported by my late husband.

I try to move as much as I can

Mainly walking and Yoga but I found the solitude the worse part as I live in a village and my children are far away.

I am now on a waiting list for a new hip and I try to get on with life.

The pain can be so bad I often stay home and isolate myself even more.


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    Hello @Marie200 and welcome to the Community. We are a friendly and supportive group and I hope that will be your experience as well.

    First of all you are among new friends now and I hope that you will soon be chatting to others and not feel so alone.

    You do not say what medication you are on for the pain relief so I've put a link below to some information from our website which I hope is of some use.


    Try searching on here for Hip (use the little magnifying glass) and it will bring up lots of discussions, just post on whatever ones are of interest and join in. Please do keep posting and I am sure you will make new connections.

    With very best wishes,

    Peter (moderator)

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    Hi Marie and welcome from me too.

    Having arthritis is bad enough. Being isolated from friends and family must make it much worse. Definitely, you are among friends here and, as your texhie skills seem very good, do feel free to join in anywhere.

    Just a thought - a few years ago both our sons encouraged us to move nearer to one of them. We moved from Yorkshire to the Scottish Borders (Los Angeles was a bit too much of a health gamble) and have never regretted it. Would a move nearer your family be an option for you?

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