Summer’s here!

Temperatures are climbing - for those of us living across the bottom bit of the UK anyway

I just noticed the thermometer in the house reading nearly 25°c and it’s prompted my annual reminder

Most meds need to be kept below 25°c so it’s time for me to move my Metoject syringes into the fridge for a few months

The tricky bit now is to get them out of the fridge and let them warm up a wee bit - but not too much - before injecting

Fridge temp injections hurt!


  • Baloo
    Baloo Member Posts: 358

    I'm getting a bit technical here, but I believe there is such a thing as a medical fridge. The idea being its a tad smaller than a real fridge, so finding space for it might not be much of a problem, and primarily, the meds won't become buried in the pile of food, leak into the fridge etc.

  • BettyMac
    BettyMac Member Posts: 188

    My Benepali is stored in the fridge anyway so a few boxes of Metoject aren’t a problem

    The rest of the fridge is a bit disorganised - but that shelf is pristine 🙂

    Mind you, I’ve had to train my other half not to shove everything against the back wall