I've been walking a lot more--no choice as I adopted a "found" dog that is very high energy. Not the best for my situation, but she's a cutie! I started a bit of a debate here about comfortable walking shoes after I spent big money on orthopedic shoes that were supposedly not only good for the feet but could help hip and back pain. They were so heavy that they actually made things worse for me. Then I tried a not-cheap name brand sneaker that rubbed in all the wrong places. So the journey continued, until now--one word: dansko. I got the simple backless clog for wearing around the house, but being too lazy or too forgetful to change shoes, I wore them on a few longer walks. I have been really happy with them. They are lightweight, cushiony and supportive, and I can step right into them & go. I will admit that there was a spot at the top of my foot that rubbed a small blister, but it seems that the shoe gradually loosened just a tad and now all is good. I should say that we walk mostly flat, paved paths, and no marathons here! I like these shoes so much I just ordered another pair in a different color/pattern. They can be expensive, but you can frequently find them on sale, especially discontinued colors. I was excited to find these!