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Hi, I know I have to take this on the same day every week, but do I have to take at the same time as well?

Thanks Coka


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    Hi @Coka

    Does it not say in the leaflet with meds? If not it's good to speak to the pharmacy.

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    On the basis that some people split their dosage between morning and night and, since mine was once increased while I was in hospital with the words " You can take this now (evening) as it's the same day" I'd be confident that it doesn't always have to be at the same time. Come to think of it, mine has always had to vary a little when visiting my son in California as they're eight hours behind us. It's good to be cautious though.

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  • scotleag
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    I take mine same day each week last thing at night and that could be anything from midnight to 4am. I've never noticed any change despite the different hours.

  • JenHB
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    I tend to take mine in the evening after I've eaten my evening meal, but as I've been told if I forget I can take it up to 2 days later then I guess probably not....

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    Hi. I have been on Methotrexate about 5 weeks. I was told to take my meds at night to lessen side effects.

    take mine after my evening meal on a Thursday. I always have some bio yogurt after for pudding. So far so good. No sickness.

    good luck.