Diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis at 16 now I’m 23.

Since the age of 16 I have been on medication without it all my joints swell up, I struggle to walk I have to ask my family to help with basic tasks like opening a bottle. Over the years my doctor has changed my medication several times due to side effects. Last year the medication I was on was amazing I was able to return to the gym, I was looking at getting a part time job and looking for a place to rent with my best friend but predictably they took me off that drug and started me on a new one.

It usually takes a few months to notice the effect. I’m back to struggling to walk needing assistance with simple tasks I’m losing hope that will be able to live a ‘normal’ life


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    Hi @Tyler23

    Welcome to the Online Community, I'm so pleased you joined, you'll fine we are have a lovely warm friendly, supportive community of people here.

    I'm sorry to hear you are experiencing set backs with life whilst trying to find a treatment path that works for you, it can be so frustrating especially with someone your age. Was there a reason they took you off the drug you were having such good results with? Seems such a shame.

    Here is our info on the condition and treatment/medication:-

    I thought I'd share some of wonderful stories on our websites of young people:-

    “Every day I make sure I have at least one thing I’m grateful for": Safia’s story (versusarthritis.org)

    Emily shares how eating a healthy diet helps her manage her symptoms (versusarthritis.org)

    Also in case you are interested in getting involved to shape our work and services here's how:-

    Please do keep posting and lets us know how you get on


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    Hi @Tyler23

    I was a year younger than you when diagnosed with RA, admittedly over 60 years ago. Modern DMARDS, let alone biologics, weren’t on offer and I can so relate to the pain, swelling and fatigue. It must be very frustrating to have found something that works only to be taken off it but I presume your blood tests showed that it was having a damaging effect elsewhere. Difficult to accept if you feel good but it can, and does, happen. Hopefully, your next med will be your best yet.

    Meanwhile, do look at some online disability stores for gadgets that will help you to remain independent. It’s so demoralising to have to ask for help at every turn. I couldn’t manage without my electric can opener, electric jar opener (both now mainstream), walk in shower or, these days, rollator but all keep me independent and happy. Also, why not check out https://arthursplace.co.uk/ ,Versus Arthritis’s online ‘magazine and social network’ for young adults. Much more interesting for you than old ****s like me😉

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