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Hello! I'm new here and was hoping for some help and advice if possible. I'm 48 and have a total knee replacement booked for 4 weeks time on my right knee (privately, through health insurance via work). I've 2 small boys (will be 3 and 5) and I'm really worried, especially regarding recovery, as I've heard it's "brutal". I've been advised to get a leg lift to help with getting in and out of bed, a grabber to reach things, and lots of pillows. Really not sure how I'm going to manage; where I;m going to sleep, getting to the toilet etc! We live in a house with no downstairs toilet.


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    Hello, I haven't had a knee replacement myself but my husband had one 4 months ago. It was very tough to begin with but everyone gets through it. The leg lift he found was essential, a belt of a dressing gown will do, as he couldn't lift his leg. A raised toilet seat helps as its very difficult to sit down. I took 2 weeks off work, I do hope you will have someone at home. Coping with stairs were not too bad if u take your time. So he slept upstairs. Do the exercises, take all the drugs but be prepared for constipation, so take something in advance for that. I hope this helps, it will all be worth it.

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    Hi @jktaylor123

    I'm so glad you are having your knee done soon.

    Are you a single parent I wonder? Do you have support with the children? That's my main worry from your post if so it might be quite tough. I managed back surgery as a single parent (children 8 and 5 at the time) with only an upstairs loo living in a 2 up 2 down. It can be done, but I was a bit miserable for a while. It was still worth it even then as I knew I was now recovering as you will be.

    All being well you should be able to speak to someone at your pre-op about issues around the home including the loo being upstairs. You might be able to have loan of a commode even!

    Oh re the constipation (mentioned by debster) on the meds! I drank one small glass of prune juice daily and it was sorted😉

    Take care

    Toni x