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After a recent collapse of my knees when although I was holding my rollator the feeling just shrank from my knees and I needed up on the floor. The GP has given me a prescription for slow release morphine pain patches and I would be interested in other users experiences. Looking forward to replies.


  • Ellen
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    I wonder if this search might be of interest to you @veryaraf

    I hope the patches help with your pain.

    Best wishes


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    Morning @veryaraf

    I have used pain patches before mine were Butec which are a synthetic morphine.

    I quite liked them mine were 7 day ones I think yours might be 3 day ones.

    Problem was I soon got used to them and my skin didn't 100 like them? So I got eczema. and after a while the strength had to go up as I got tolerant to them.

    The best thing was that unlike co-codamol I could take paracetamol for a headache if I got one.

    I don't think they'll stop your knee giving way of course they can't do that.

    Best of luck

    Toni x

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    I've used lidocaine patches (I don't know the difference with morphine patches) irregularly for the last two years - they were prescribed by the pain consultant I saw. Initially they were for my knee but I also use them for my lower back. I find they work for me with no side effects.

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    Thanks for all your replies. I realise it will be a bit hit and miss it was the side effects that concerned me as I have just had reactions to antibiotics. My tag ‘araf’ is Welsh and means ‘slow’ which just about sums everything up. It is scary living alone with dodgy joints. My husband died with a clot after an op and it has put me off knives and needles. So I struggle on. More home care is the next step. Thanks for the replies. My 4 children help as much as they ca n.

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    I knew it!!!! I see the signs in Wales 'Araf' for slow!

    If you needed surgery ever I am sure they would be extra careful with you in the circumstances. I can quite see your reason for avoiding it though.

    Best of luck. I wish I'd started my first ever patch before bed so i slept through through the queasiness I felt the first day. Apart from that I was fine.

    Take care

    Toni x

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    Thanks for the advice. Will take care.