Hello - maybe Sjogrens related arthritis

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Hello! I'd be grateful for any advice members can give.

In April I woke up one day with an extremely swollen and painful right hand, which continued for several days, during which time I also had pains in various joints on both sides, and in my back. Still have stiffness of right forefinger in morning. and ongoing aches and pains. Had blood test, told normal except for low sodium, and to return in 3 months for another blood test. So I'm no further forward except that a nurse I managed to see asked me if I had any relatives with Sjogrens. Well for years I've had Sjogrens type symptoms, but again, the blood tests for that were negative.

So I'd be interested to hear if any members think their arthritis is Sjogrens related. Also would very much like to know about good pencil grips, as my right thumb remains very dodgy. And if there's any way I could still manage to use a scalpel for craft type work? Many thanks!


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    Hello @Alchemilla and welcome to the online community,

    I understand you would like to hear from other members who think that their arthritis is Sjögren related as you’ve been having Sjogren like symptoms for several years and are now experIencing swollen and painful joints. All our members have experience of living with some form of arthritis so there’s hopefully some who will be able to give you some helpful information about their condition. There is a known link between Sjögren and arthritis- here’s a link below from our Versus Arthritis website that gives you more information about the condition and its symptoms:

    You are also interested in finding out about pencil grips and tools that you can use to continue your craft activities with dodgy joints. Other members may have suggestions, and it’s worth doing a search on the internet using terms such as ‘pencil grips’ or ‘easy grip craft tools’.

    Do have a look round the forum and join in wherever you feel comfortable.

    Anna ( Moderator)

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  • Thank you very much for your welcome message, Anna. I look forward to exploring the site and hearing from/about other members.

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    I have been diagnosed with knees arthritis, I also suffer from back, shoulder, neck pain and achilles tendonitis and a few other joint. I did query whether my joint pains were sjogrens related as I have some symptoms, dry mouth and dry eyes. My blood tests were negative for sjogrens. I did see an oral consultant as I have other issues in my mouth bitter taste and roof of mouth feel gritty. I was told he does not think I have it and discharged me. I asked about the salivary test and he dismissed saying it can cause more harm.So I have left it as so preoccupied with osteoarthritis affecting my daily life. Currently has a small swelling behind left knee and am just recovering from a knee flare up. Still have issues with pain and walking.