Gout everywhere

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Hi folks,

I'm after some advice.

I suffer with Gout, in my knee, toes, ankles feet and most recently I think in my hand.

What does everyone else do to help, I constantly seem to have an attack.

Thanks in advance


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    Hi @Beards

    Welcome to the online community where you'll find a friendly group of people who all live with arthritis and are here to support each other. Why don't you tell us a bit more about yourself so that we can give you a proper welcome?

    You can start a new post or have a browse through some of the forums and join in any conversations you feel comfortable with. The Living with arthritis  forum is a good place to start.

    Looking forward to hearing more about you.

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    We don't get very many on here with gout so, in case you don't get many replies, i thought I'd jump i n.

    I don't have gout, just RA and OA but my husband, in the last year, 'failed' two gout tests! ie he had all the symptoms but the tests were negative. Finally, they concluded he must have it (two toes and, occasionally, a finger) so put him on a course of the only gout med he can have due to other (heart) meds. This more or less sorted it. I can't remember the name of the med but I do know a friend, with chronic gout, was put permanently on a different med, years ago and has had no problems since. Maybe have another chat with your GP?

    Oh, and Mr SW stopped having porridge for breakfast as oats are, apparently, not good for gout.

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