I was doing so well!!!

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I am on week 10 of methotrexate, week 4 on my full dose. I was doing really well and had started to get my energy back. The joint pains are still there but manageable. I have returned to work on a phased return and I am on wk 3. But, I woke up in the night and felt awful, just like it was at the beginning. Terrible head fog, My body feels like it weighs a ton. I ache in joints that haven't ached before. I have had to ring in sick.

I am trying to be positive and think it is a small set back and maybe my medication isn't fully in my system. They said 12 weeks but not sure if that is from the start or from the start of the full dose. I am wondering if my expectation of returning to my normal life is too high. All I can think about is I haven't even managed 3 weeks at 50% of my working week and I increase to 75% next week! let alone the fact I have been going to bed at 7 each day as I am up at 5.30am.

sorry to moan, but can anyone remember how long it took for Methotrexate to start to work and do you all still have days like this?




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    It's an individual thing but, if you feel you're back to square one, maybe you should ring your helpline for advice. This came on very suddenly. Might you have contracted an infection of some kind? I'd personally ask for guidance.. i hope it goes well.

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    Hi wendy19.

    im only about 5 weeks in on mex. I am on a low dose of steroids as well, which will reduce over the coming months.

    I hope this is t going to happen to me once the steroids stop. Sounds like you are having a flair up as they are know.

    get back in touch with the Rheumatology department for some advice. Fingers crossed. Let us know how you get on.