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Any recommendations for good ones would be very gratefully received. My right thumb is now painful when I use a pencil. I have noticed various types of pencil grips on eBay and Amazon but don't know which might be best. I also like papercutting, using a scalpel, and wonder if anyone here has found a way of still doing activities like that. Many thanks for your help.


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    As you imply there are many adaptions available to assist with fine motor skills. There are also many people searching for the best answers and what suits one person doesn't necessarily work for another. Only you can select the right products for your own use so it could become an expensive exercise in trial and error - although, thankfully, writing/crafting tool adjustments are not usually very expensive.

    I was able to access an Occupational Therapy assessment in the early days of my OA where I could try out a range of products and receive professional advice. You might also be able to visit an NHS disability aids centre for a similar introduction to adaptations. Alternatively commercial disability aids stores can be really helpful in guiding you towards gadgets that may help.

    Don't be rushed into buying something about which you are unsure because............

    ........ one very simple way to begin would be to purchase a length of narrow hollow cylindrical (or thin flat sheet) foam and wrap the handles of your favourite writing/drawing instruments and tools until you find the thickness that enables you to hold them without pressure. Once you have discovered your ideal diameter and softness you will be better able to decide which grips to purchase. You may even find that your 'home made' solution is better than anything advertised that also costs double the price!

    I wish you successful problem-solving!!

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    @crinkly is absolutely right. We are all disabled slightly differently.

    I have found these on my favourite disability store.

    Unfortunately, it's a .com so might not be allowed. If not, just ask me to PM the link to you.

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    a friend showed me a nifty trick with an elastic band which can help with holding a pen - basically put the elastic band over the hand, put the pen through between the band and the hand (with the nib pointing away from the fingers) and twist it round.

  • Thank you all so much for your kind help. I will certainly take the advice about trying homemade solutions before buying things that might not help! Those sound like excellent tips you have given me. I willl be very pleased if I can still manage to do some craft type things, as they have given me a lot of pleasure. (Off now to look for a rubber band!)