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I have this little known disease called AnkylosingSpondylitis, it is known amongst people in there teens and 20s but rare to start at 63 I am told.

I had no symptoms before i was fit and healthy, one day I wasn’t in severe pain, the next I was and has been 24/7 for two years, I only got diagnosed last year due to me pushing the medical system for answers, my husband had to give up his job, my job went and it’s a life changing condition, I am on infusions ( well second one the other day)

i had a fall it messed up a lot of things.

there is no support group,no help at all and left to it, lots of advice for the young people exercising etc, my body is not the same as a young person but explaining my experiences of life with AS at my age is rare it seems.

even this community has no information about it.

it’s takes about eight years to find out usually.

anyone here has AS and it came on when older ?

thank you.



  • MammaBuckz
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    Hi @Natash

    Welcome to the online community where you'll find a friendly group of people who all live with different types of arthritis and are here to support each other.

    You say you have been diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis and would like to hear from others with AS whose symptoms came on as they were older?

    AS can be diagnosed at any age but is more common in younger people.

    I’m sure there are other community members who can share their experiences with you, in the meantime you can read a little more about AS on our website. 

    Looking forward to hearing more from you.

    MammaBuckz - Moderator

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  • Natash
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    Hello MammaBuckz

    thank you for your welcome.

    yes that would be good to hear from anyone in my age group.

    the rheumatologist said it’s rare to come in at my age without any symptoms when I was younger as I didn’t have any.

    yes it can do but I usually people have some symptoms when younger, I had nothing at all so that’s why she said your rare as not seen anyone who at your age without the gene been present as mine was negative and no family history would be nice to hear from other community members if they have AS especially the older ones.

    thank you