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Hello, I have recently joined and look forward to making contact with a wider community. I will plunge in! I am curious if anyone else experiences sudden sharp pain in their joints (mainly hands, feet), followed by a change in skin colour similar to a deep bruising, which sometimes goes purple, usually ending in a dark red coloration. I can sometimes halt it using icepacks (if I have one to hand), but not always. I have a recent diagnosis of OA but no comments made on this being part of it. Gripping things hard sometimes sets it off, but not always. Using a garden trowel seemed to set it off yesterday. I wonder if this maybe Raynaulds? I have also been finding cold weather or over- chilled supermarket aisles very difficult to tolerate (painful in joints). Be interested to hear if anyone else had this or similar, especially if in combination with OA? Thanks


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    Hi @Print2023

    Welcome to the online community where you'll find a friendly group of people who all live with different types of arthritis and are here to support each other.

    You say you are having symptoms of colour changes in the skin along with sudden pain in your hands, which you think may be Raynaud’s phenomenon.

    Of course, I can’t diagnose you, but you may find the information on symptoms of Raynaud’s on our website helpful

    I’m sure there are other community members who can share their experiences with you and help you through your journey. 

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    Thanks for your reply. I appreciate it isn't possible to diagnose much remotely, but would be grateful for any ideas on manging the condition from others living with it. I agree, I have found the info on the versus arthritis website both comprehensive & useful (and what most of the NHS I've dealt with so far routinely supplies as 'further reading' when appointments run out of time). I am keen to remain active & increase activity, but feel I'm at a stage where it involves a lot of trial and error. Any tips welcome. I was looking at bike foam handlebar grips recently to see if any may serve to fit gardening hand tools (with a view to use them for other tool related craft activities, I have many activities I am morning the loss of easy access to). Has anyone found anything useful of this kind to help with gripping tools in a way that is kinder to hands which no longer have good grip. Following OT advice, I do hand strengthening exercises, use ice packs and pace myself.

    All best wishes to anyone struggling with a 'not so good day', I know things can come & go a lot.