Had arthritis in knees for years but…..

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At 74 my arthritis has suddenly got a lot worse with stiffness that can last all day. Waiting for tests and treatment at the moment. How do other people cope with finding they can’t do the things they want to do?


  • Fif
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    I get frustrated as well, but I try to focus on all the things i still can do. When i read of the experiences of others here I feel I'm fortunate still being able to do as much as I can. Once you find out a bit more about the cause of your recent stiffness you'll be better able to tackle it. Good luck.

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    I had to make a lot of significant changes to the things I couldn't do without pain or could do but shouldn't because they'd aggravate my condition.

    What has worked for me is to substitute each of these (mainly) physical things with alternatives which I can do instead, it's not only better for me from an activity perspective but from a mental one too.

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    Yes that’s a good idea rather than feeling resentful about things which I have been I must admit.