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I've recently had my first RA flare-up and 6 weeks ago started medication. I'm starting to get used to the aches and pains, and learning what my body can and can't do as well as before. I'm on the Nuffield Health Joint Pain Programme which is great, as it gets me out and moving 😊. I'm still working from home, and tend to get up and move around less, which isn't good.

Versus Arthritis sent me some great booklets that have been great in helping me understand my new 'condition', and coming to terms with it. What I do find the hardest to cope with is the fatigue. Some days, like today, all I want to do is sleep! I started to feel so much better when I started my medication, but now I'm using energy to fight through the fatigue. Is anyone else experiencing the same problem? I do rest and sleep during the day, but this is usually after I've finished work and dragged myself through the day ☹️.


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    Hi @FeralWoman and welcome to the versus arthritis forum. 

    I see that you’ve been diagnosed with RA and been prescribed medication to help manage your symptoms. This has led to your suffering with fatigue, so you’d like to hear from others who have had a similar experience. 

    Well, you’ve come to the right place to ask for input as there will be may forum members who have found themselves in a similar position. 

    You mention that you’ve already received some useful booklets, but I hope this article provides some useful additional information: 


    Here’s a recent discussion you may wish to join:


    I hope you find joining the forum beneficial and that you can find ways to better manage your fatigue. 

    Best Wishes

    ChrisB (Moderator)

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    Morning @FeralWoman

    The fatigue experienced with any form of inflammatory arthritis is like nothing else isn't it?

    No-one can understand it unless it's happened to them. You can't fight it (not really) I try not to if I am flaring and rest when I can. I use an alarm (phone) to make sure I don't sleep all day as advised by someone here many many years ago.

    Take care

    Toni x

  • Hi @frogmorton

    Thanks for replying to my message.

    Yes, the fatigue is like nothing I've experienced before. I've been trying to manage it lately by taking Vitamin B12 and rest when I can. When it gets bad I let my work know and then go to bed and sleep (no alarm :-D). I have to say Vit B12 has helped so far.

    How are you doing?


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    Sorry for teh delay replying @FeralWoman Susan

    I'm doing pretty well atm hope you are too?

    Vitamin B12 I will see how much is in my multivitamin and up it if necessary.

    Your work sounds ideal if you can sleep if you need to with no ⏰

    Take care

    Toni x