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Hi I was diagnosed with RA 8 months ago and was taking Methotrexate 20mg weekly and Hydroxychloroquine 400mg daily.

For 3 days a week I was tired, feeling sick, generally unwell so now my consultant changed from MTX to Leflunomide 20mg daily.

Now after 2 weeks I'm feeling painful joints, especially knees, toes, wrists and fingers and swelling in ankles.

Has anyone experienced a change in meds and similar things please? Nurse said it takes 2 months to feel better but I thought it would be ok since I have MTX in my system already. She said these meds work differently!


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    Hello @Karen7

    Welcome to our online community. We are a friendly group of people and will always help if we can.

    I understand that you were diagnosed with RA 8 months ago and have recently been changed from MTX and Hydroxychloroquine to Leflunomide, and you are experiencing joint pain and swelling. I think they normally say you need to be taking a drug for a couple of months before you feel the full effect an I hope that our members with experience of Leflunomide will be able to share their experience to help you.

    In the meantime I am posting some information on the drug from our website

    Do please keep posting and let us know how you get on.

    Best wishes


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