OA and having to live with the pain etc

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Hi. I have had to finally accept that my vocation as a RN is at an end now. The pain, reduced immobility, fatigue etc is my life.


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    Hello @Sandiey41 and welcome to the online community,

    It can be so challenging to face the fact that our lives have changed because of arthritis, and I know that many of us in the online community can understand what it’s like to leave a rewarding career and begin a new life as you are doing. Dealing with pain and fatigue can be challenging and it can colour how we feel about other areas of our life. Perhaps some suggestions below may help you to manage your pain:

    I’m sure other members will share with you their story and how their lives are different before, but just as fulfilling, rewarding and challenging. Have a look round the forum and you’ll find posts about how others have come to terms with their new lives, and found new adventures, hobbies and responsibilities. You might like to read some of the stories from our members below about how they have come to terms with their diagnoses:

    Do have a look round the forum and join in any conversations you feel comfortable with. Everyone is very friendly and I know you will be welcomed.

    Anna ( Mod)

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    Hello Anna

    I’ve just joined too. It will be huge change in your life no longer working as a nurse. I had just retired before my OA really started affecting me. Think of all the things you like doing (hobbies, activities, socialising) want to find out more about (so many opportunities when you are retired) and start prioritising them. Start planning. Wishing you all the best.