Newly Diagnosed Severe Osteoarthritis

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Hello everyone! I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis today…at 37. I never knew this was something that happened this young. Mine is very far progressed, I have no tissues left in my feet or ankles, and 50% left of my knees. My rheumatologist told me my option was pain management for the “massive” (his words) bone spurs on my heels. He recommended pain medication, and bariatric surgery to rapidly reduce my weight so that it relieves pressure on my spurs.

He told me if I don’t do this, my spurs with triple in size in a year…with triple the pain. I am NOT a fan of stomach bypass, and I’m very scared of doing it.

Has anyone done this? Do you recommend it? I wasn’t given and option, and he warned me in 12 months I won’t have any cartilage left in my knees. Any advice or experience would be appreciated!

Thank you in advance!