New member, diagnosed with RA Febuary 2023

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Hello everyone, new to this and new to speaking about my RA/problems. I’m 25 and got diagnosed with RA earlier on this year and boy this has been such a struggle. I live alone with my 2year old and everything has been hard for getting around doing the normal day to day things for myself and my child. Feel like I took my life for granted before you never know how lucky you are to be healthy until you no longer can do the things the same as you used to be able to. I try speak to my parents about how I’m feeling if I’m in pain or struggling but they brush it off say I’m not dying and to get over it. I’m just wanting people to speak to about it all to see if the things I’m dealing with are the same as others and what there advise is. Recently I’ve had chest pain which hurts so bad and being very short of breath my RA is definitely getting worse even though I started my medication two months ago. From just pain and swelling in random places on my hands and feet to now having one fat knee, my toe going miss shaped and my fingers not being straight and look constantly swollen. I’m constantly tired all day fall asleep sometimes which isn’t like me and not good when my boys awake too I’ll drift off for 5mins. Life is bad with RA being young but even at any age it’s awful. Please be friendly with me I’m looking for a safe place for advise with RA and to help with the depression ☺️