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Hi, I'm currently being prescribed 20mg Methotrexate (tablets) a week (plus folic acid 5mg on the days I don't take the Methotrexate). Can anyone recommend anything to ease the nausea I'm experiencing? It's Tuesday and I still feel sick after taking the Methotrexate on Saturday evening. I'm in week 7 of this treatment and hope the nausea will ease off with time. Any advice or tips would be appreciated 😊


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    I'm lucky in that I've never had much of a problem with my meth. I see you're already doing a couple of the things that people recommend for the nausea ie taking it at night and taking folic acid every other day of the week. Well done on persevering. I hope things will come good for you. A couple of other things I've heard people mention on here re dealing with the nausea is to take the pills with carbs and, sometimes, to split the dose between morning and evening but, as you're new to this, it might be best to give your rheumatology helpline a call to see if that would be OK for you. Meth has really helped me over the years and I hope it helps you too.

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    I explained to the rheumatology nurse that methotrexate was making me nauseous and I was advise to split the dose morning and early evening it helped me x