Getting diagnoses and treatment

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Hi. I have what I think is osteoarthritis. I have had both knees replaced - 2009 and 2015 but am now suffering with problems of the middle fingers on both hands. The left hand was treated by partial nail removal to cure assumed paronychia last summer but now the same excruciating condition is in my right (dominant) hand. I have just seen a surgeon privately and am waiting for a price I hope I can afford. Both these fingers appear to have Herberden nodes on them. A couple of years ago when this started my GP tried to refer me to a hand clinic but this was refused. I have also noticed that other fingers are bending, my hands are beginning to look misshapen and my grip is not good. I have other aches, pains and stiffness in my body but it is the hand problem that is most troublesome. How can I get a better diagnosis and access to treatment?