Newly diagnosed with RA

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I am petrified. Scrambling around for information and getting tangled in the web. I’ve started methotrexate and just had a second dose. Today I had a tiny spot top of my lip just under my nose and by this evening my whole top lip was swollen. Could this be the start of all the scary side effects. Should I wait and see what happens in 24hrs? The surgery is closed on the weekend.


  • Ellen
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    Hi @Melly

    We are not medically trained, but would probably recommend you take medical advice on this one.

    You can try your GP or for speed see a pharmacist or ring 111.

    You lose nothing by checking it out.

    Best wishes


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    The only swelling I ever had like that wasn't due to MTX it was some sort of vasculitis and I had a steroid jab to settle it down. It was quite scary, but to be fair it was my whole body in the end eyes mouth lips etc

    I would definitely be seeing someone about this it might be nothing, but safety first @Melly

    Let us know how you get on.

    Toni x

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    Hi sorry for the really late response. I contacted my RA nurse, and she advised me to take folic acid everyday apart from the day I take methotrexate. It has now gone. Crossing fingers.

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    Last week the side of my knee was really itching. In two days it had swollen and was inflamed. The inflammation seamed to be spreading behind the knee. It eventually went down and left me with a huge bruise. Has anyone experienced this. It came out of the blue.

    In hindsight I should’ve made an appointment to see the doctor. We are always advised to see GP if experiencing different symptoms, but the only person I see is the RA nurse every 6 weeks to take blood to check kidneys and liver. When I mentioned a cough and pain in my chest, I was told it wasn’t anything to do with meds. I just feel so alone in this sometimes. Thank God this site exists, I have gained lots of useful info.

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    Hi Melly.

    contact your Rheumatology department. I was often phoning mine when first diagnosed.

    having any Arthritis is a lot to take in to begin with. I felt like a headless chicken at times. It does take a while to get your head around it all. Mind you I am still learning two years down the line.

    it is scary. I don’t read the leaflets that come with the meds these days.

    listen to your body. If something doesn’t feel right, then seek advice. Good luck.