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Hey 👋🏼I am 8 weeks post total hip replacement today and would be grateful of any advice regarding the following as so far the professionals are being vague🥴;

When the best time for me to start progressing to putting on socks and tying my shoe laces also is there a process to follow?

When am allowed to lie on my side or stomach?


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    Hi @P17mul and welcome to the online community,

    First of all, we’ll done for getting through the first 8 weeks after your hip replacement surgery! I’m sure you’ll find many members on the forum who have had the same surgery and are happy to share their experiences. Of course, everybody is different, and everyone heals at different rates, but it’s useful to hear other stories. Here’s a thread from a few years back about the challenges of putting on socks:

    If you haven’t had much information about hip replacement surgery and recovery, you might find the leaflet below useful. Page 18 talks particularly about healing and recovery and mentions that for the first eight to twelve weeks you need to take particular care not to dislocate your hip: https://www.versusarthritis.org/media/23141/hip-replacement-surgery-information-booklet.pdf

    Do have a look around the forum and ask any more questions you may have.

    Anna ( Mod)

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